· By Mattias Forsgren

The Promise of a Life (Deluxe) - an extended fantasy freakshow ‘e)’ is out June 17th via Icons Creating Evil Art.

The album ‘The Promise of a Life’, is the result of trio that approach their art with no holds barred, anything goes in the pursuit of the perfect song, and ‘The Promise of a Life’ is packed with just that; from the anthemic ‘The Law’, to the equally epic ‘Motherland’, onto the hook-laden ‘Higher Ground’ or the wonderfully eccentric ‘New Frontier'. As Reach recover from an extensive and wildely successful tour around Europe supporting H.E.A.T, they release ‘The Promise of a Life (Deluxe)’, an extended version of the album, including previously unheard songs.

One of the new tracks on the album is 'The Greatest'. Songwriter and frontman Ludvig Turner describes the new addition : "The Promise of a Life felt like a fantasy freak show with it’s songs about murderers, maniacs & marauders. The Greatest is a song leaning toward The Law lyrically. A Mad Leader kind of song. And it is ”groovy” in the way Higher Ground is, in our opinion. This is the baby of the too I’d say. Madness and more Madness is what it is all about!" 

The trio consisting of Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson and Soufian Ma’Aoui is characterized by a mutual love of music and a sense of development and genuine joy, that is, and always will be, the very essence of Reach. The bond that connects the three musicians is captured in their explosive and unforgettable live shows: their innate musical ability bolstered by their sense of playfulness, improvisation and love for what they do.

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Carl-Marcus Gidlöf

Head of the Snake
Icons Creating Evil Art
Råsundavägen 73, Solna, Sweden