The Publishing of Icons Creating Evil Art

Our publishing division is spread across several publishing catalogues, all administered via our publishing hub built around the music publisher Mars Music, in which we are a 50% partner, and our worldwide network of sub-publishers. Represented inhouse catalogues include:

ICEA, CMG Holding AB, the Icons Creating Evil Art catalogue.
Despotz Music,
 managed in connection with Despotz Records, in which we're active partners.
Icons Publishing, our new Milan based Italian publishing division managed and co-owned together with our local representative Aldo Axha.
Bark At Your Owner also label, managed and co-owned together with our local representative John Cloud.
Something Beautiful, also label, managed and co-owned together with our local representative Jesper Nordqvist.  
Flick Music/Flick Agency, our label services division co-owned by/via Despotz Records and founder Johannes Timander, also responsible for several artist focused co-publishing deals.

Our Services
Sub-publishing/Administration: Represented external catalogues in our home territory (Nordics and the Baltics, and some Worldwide) include; A.Schroeder International, Mattie Music Group (Bill Withers), Median Muzik, Beggars Music, Massive Publishing, Airstate, Clipper's, Jay Livingston Music, Berkely Square Publishing, Valentine Music, Almost Religious and North Note Publishing.

Songwriting Support: We provide songwriters with the resources and guidance they need to develop their craft and create compelling compositions.

Music Licensing:
We offer a comprehensive licensing platform, enabling our clients to monetize their music across various media platforms, including film, television, advertising, and digital platforms.

Royalty Administration: Our experienced team ensures that artists and songwriters receive accurate and timely royalty payments, maximizing their earnings and minimizing administrative hassle.

Our Approach
Artist-Centric Focus: We prioritize the unique vision and goals of each artist we work with, tailoring our services to their specific needs.
Creative Collaboration: We foster an environment of collaboration, connecting songwriters, composers, and performers with industry professionals, encouraging the development of mutually beneficial partnerships.
Global Reach: We have an extensive network of sub-publishers spread across the globe, allowing us to connect our clients with opportunities both domestically and internationally.

We pitch our works and masters to music supervisors worldwide and represent a large catalogue of one-stop-shop and easy-clear tracks worldwide. Most of our placements come from our great network of sync agents who we have had a long term relationship with such as North Note (UK), Blue Buddha (US), Tracks and Fields (GSA), Friendly Fire Licensing (US), and our sub-publishers like Bucks Music (UK), Roba (GSA) and Strictly Confidential (FR) who have consistently pitched on our behalf to their personal relationships in film, TV, Games and Advertising. 

We encourage artists, songwriters, and composers to get in touch with us to discuss their musical aspirations and explore how we can collaborate.
Email us at: contact [at] icea [dot] se