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'Miss Gendered' - New queer album from Lizette Lizette Out now Icons Creating Evil Art

Incarnating a sinister George Michael in the 90s, Lizette Lizette shares stage with vouge dancers, performance artists and innovative projections. Recovering from their wildely praised performance at Wave Gotik Treffen, Lizette Lizette releases their third album – a soft joyride through their dark, emotional and airy Muzak.

The album is titled Miss Gendered and Lizette explains the story behind it: "Even though I've made a big deal about being queer and non-binary through my music and art continues media, journalists and individuals to misgender me. I've released an album called "Queerbody", an album called "NON", released a song and a video called "Non" where the chorus reads "You wanna call me a girl, you wanna call me a Woman, I am Non". Despite this, people have a hard time to admit that I am non-binary and that my pronoun is "they / them". From there, the idea of naming my upcoming and third album to "Miss Gendered" was born. And based on that, the whole concept was created of making a song with the same name that is a long thank you speech and a video that takes place on a beauty contest where me and a bunch of queers, drag queens, dragkings, clubkids, dancers and bodybuilders compete for the title "Miss Gendered". As if that was a desired title. "

Lizette Lizette has since their debut album "Queerbody" in 2017 had a steadily growing fan base, in their home country Sweden but also in Germany and the USA. In February 2019, Lizette Lizette released their second album "NON", praised by Swedish and British QX as well as all possible sources such as Billboard, BON Magazine, Aftonbladet Musik, Zero Magazine and Pop Justice.



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