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Welcome to the ‘World Below’ The new studio album by Glasgow post-punk heavyweights Baby Strange.

Welcome to the ‘World Below’ – the new studio album by Glasgow post-punk heavyweights Baby Strange. Written as a reaction to how the pandemic has played havoc with mental health, the increasingly visible class divide and the meteoric rise of food banks across the country – World Below plays to the paradox of the topics set out within. Equally dark & beautiful, with pop melodies that sync with pure grit. Following the success of Land of Nothing EP, Baby Strange are set to release their second full length album. 

World Below picks up where Land of Nothing left off, with the uniquely Baby Strange sound encased within haunting melodies, syncopated guitar riffs, four to the floor drums, huge bass lines and all blanketed under a cover of melancholy that pulls and tears on the listeners emotions. The result is an album in the truest sense of the word - 10 songs that pull the listener through a myriad of textures, sounds & emotions, completed with an array of artwork that generates a visual accompaniment for the topics set out within. 

The artwork for World Below becomes the final episode within a series of visuals that have explored an alternative world with each single. Brought to life by Glasgow-based visual animator Bovine, the artwork explores the ‘World Below’ as an alternative reality that offers an insight into the bitter promises of late stage capitalism. Entrancing and enticing, each piece released throughout the campaign have become a talking point amongst fans and media alike.

World Below is Baby Strange at their very best. Infinitely creative in its ideas, mysterious in its delivery and the sound of a band at the pinnacle of their art. A fully rounded international marketing campaign will begin to intensify in the lead up to the release of World Below, with a global team proactively working media platforms in all major music markets (full team above) to deliver sync placements, editorials, features & playlists.

Make no mistake, Baby Strange are the newest evolution of punk. Embodying the true nature and principles of the DIY ethic, Baby Strange have carved out an almost cult like status for themselves within the underground UK music scene. Fronted by the magnetic & alluring Johnny Madden and completed with brothers Connaire Aidan McCann, the proudly Glaswegian 3 piece have established themselves as one of the most innovative and uncompromising outfits in the UK. 

Since the release of their critically acclaimed 2016 debut album ‘Want It Need It’ (Ignition Records), Baby Strange have toured relentlessly, building an enthusiastically rampant live audience, selling out venues across the UK & sharing stages with the likes of ‘Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes’, ‘Slaves’, ‘Jamie T’ & ‘Wavves’. Beyond their own journey, Baby Strange took a step further to solidifying themselves within the heart of the music community by launching their own club night ‘Club Sabbath’ back in 2015 at The Priory in Glasgow and The Old Blue Last in London (alongside Kilimanjaro). Since its inception, it’s become something of legend and has played host to live sets or DJ sets from the likes of: Wolf AliceFontaine’s D.CDMA’sThe ChatsGang Of FourThe Magic GangNick Allbrook (POND) and Marsicans

The thriving community that Baby Strange played such an active role in building hasn’t gone unnoticed, having been covered recently by Vice magazine“Club Sabbath has emerged as something of a rite of passage that’s seen people jump from being partygoers, on the fringe of the scene, to playing the stage in bands of their own”

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2021’s Land of Nothing showed versatility in their song writing and saw the band flowing between straight up punk rock anthems like More! More! More! Into the bass driven post-punk dynamics of There’s Something There. The EP was lauded by UK media, with the likes of DIYDork and Upset awarding the release 4 stars, and CLASH giving a glowing review. 

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