· By Mattias Forsgren

Sweden's Electro Queen EMMON is back with a new EP following her success on the award-winning comeback album RECON

EMMON, also known as Emma Nylén, has been riding high on the success of her latest album, 'RECON', which received glowing reviews and nominations for best album from esteemed publications such as GAFFA, HYMN, and DN. Notably, the album was awarded "Synth Release of the Year" at the 2023’s Manifest Gala, the prestigious "Release of the Year" by the highly appraised Synthsläggan Awards, as well as "Electro of the Year" by GAFFA Awards. Now, Sweden's own Electro Clash queen is back with a new EP 'XCEPTION', set to drop at the prestigious boutique label Icons Creating Evil Art on the 31s of May 2024.

After the success of RECON, EMMON and her co-producer Jimmy Monell wanted to further develop and refine their sound. Inspiration came from various sources, including sound samples, atmospheres, and sequences from the early ALIEN films, which is a big favorite to them both. The result is elegant, stripped-down, and gritty, with lyrics that explore the complexities and dynamics of light and darkness in humanity.

EMMON shares her thoughts on the new EP, stating, “The release of the EP XCEPTION is seen as a natural waypoint in the creative journey of crafting songs for a forthcoming album. I felt a strong desire to begin performing some new material to enrich the dynamics of my ongoing live repertoire, and I believed that I had a collection of strong songs that would work well both in a live context and as part of a complete EP."

The first offering from EMMON’s new EP was the vampire epic 'DARK', in which the artist delves into themes of romanticized violence and love bordering obsession. Keeping her storytelling aligned, the following single ‘Devil’s On Your Back’ speaks on the hardship of breaking away from one's dark past and bad habits. The EP also includes the instrumental interlude ‘On The Devil's Back’, as well as two new tracks, ‘No Mans Land’ and ‘Skin’.

In addition to her preparations for the new EP, EMMON has been a whirlwind of activity since the release of her acclaimed comeback album, 'RECON', gracing stages and festivals across Europe. Recent highlights include supporting D.A.F. (Robert Görl) in Copenhagen, enchanting audiences at the NCN Festival in Leipzig (DE), and hosting last season of P3MIX on Swedish National Radio. Looking ahead to 2024, EMMON is set to make appearances at major festivals within her genre, including Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Prague Gotik Treffen, and Infest in Bradford (UK).

Mark your calendars for the release of EMMON's captivating new EP, ‘XCEPTION', on May 31, 2024, courtesy of the Swedish Boutique Label Icons Creating Evil Art.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf
Icons Creating Evil Art
Råsundavägen 73, Solna, Sweden