· By Mattias Forsgren

Summer Heart, one of the pioneers in the chillwave / lofi-pop scene, is ready to release his new album 'Still Life'. An album that's been in the works for 5 years. Released May 31st via Icons Creating Evil Art

Summer Heart is thrilled to announce his upcoming album, "Still Life” which is out May 31st. Reflecting on the album-making process, Summer Heart shares, "This album has been a labour of love, a journey of self-discovery, and a testament to the power of friendship. This album is a collaboration with my friends Joakim Buddee and Myra Granberg. Each song is a piece of our collective experiences, thoughts, and feelings. I couldn’t be happier with it."

Featuring themes of ambition, struggle, friendship, and longing, "Still Life" promises to offer a collection of simple yet profound indie pop songs that connect with the listener on a deeply personal level.

As anticipation builds for the release of "Still Life", Summer Heart invites fans and newcomers alike to join him on his musical journey. With an evocative blend of simple storytelling through straightforward lyrics and delicate melodies, Summer Heart’s music promises to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

“Still Life” will be available on all major streaming platforms on May 31st. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this captivating exploration of the human experience from Summer Heart.


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