· By Mattias Forsgren

Hannah Aldridge celebrates the ten year anniversary of her celebrated debut album Razor Wire!

Hannah Aldridge's musical roots run deep. Cultivated on the muddy banks of Muscle Shoals with music and Alabama as her birthright, her journey is one of reconciling her Southern upbringing with a lifelong quest to carve out her own identity. Through her captivating songwriting, Aldridge navigates the delicate balance between rebellion and self-discovery, crafting records that resonate with the soothing comfort of a lullaby and the striking impact of a whip crack.
Raised in the Bible Belt, Aldridge's music speaks intimately to those who understand the complexities of Southern life. For those not in the know, her songs offer a raw initiation to the darker side of the South, exploring themes of Christian fundamentalism and the struggle to forge a future in a place haunted by its past. As the daughter of Muscle Shoals legend Walt Aldridge, Hannah switched the classical piano for a guitar in her early twenties, using music as an outlet to confront her inner demons. With a voice equal parts gritty and melodic, the emerging artist took to the road, entertaining crowds in ten countries and three continents with her acclaimed debut album 'Razor Wire', an album born from the depths of personal turmoil.
Reflecting on the genesis of 'Razor Wire,' Hannah shares, "It's the most raw and honest record I’ve ever done. It was written during one of the hardest times of my life in a moment of total darkness. I had no idea that anyone would ever even hear those songs, so they were written with complete honesty."
Recorded at Nashville's esteemed Welcome to 1979 studio, 'Razor Wire' benefited from the collaboration of esteemed musicians and producers, including Chris Mara, Brad Pemberton, Andrew Higley, The 400 Unit, and Dylan Leblanc. More than just an album, 'Razor Wire' a journey back to moments that shaped Aldridge into the person and artist she is today. "I listen back to these songs and still relate to them the same way I did when I wrote them," she shares. "I can find that place they were written from and transport myself back to that bedroom with my guitar, my dog, and my 5-year-old son, remembering those days like a razor blade that shaped me into who I am today."
Following the success of her sophomore album, 'Gold Rush,' Hannah embarked on a collaboration with Swedish Boutique-La
bel Icons Creating Evil Art, resulting in the beautifully captured live album, 'Live in Black and White.' In 2023, she released her third studio album, 'Dream of America,' a highly collaborative project that resonated deeply within the Southern Gothic and Dark Americana scenes. Now, in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of her debut album, Hannah Aldridge presents an anniversary edition of 'Razor Wire'! The digital version of the album features two additional tracks to the original and the physical release on CD, and for the first time ever on vinyl, wears a new reimagined cover art by Amanda Chapman. This milestone release marks a decade of musical exploration and growth, inviting listeners to rediscover the transformative power of Aldridge's music.
The re-issued version of the celebrated album 'Razor Wire' will be available on all major platforms on the 13th of May, 2024 via Icons Creating Evil Art, 10 years to the date from the original record's release


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