· By Mattias Forsgren

REACH bring on board the dark synthwave artist Priest to dissect a poignant reflection on the chilling reality of school shootings on the new remix collaboration 'A Million Lives' Released June 14 via Icons Creating Evil Art

Swedish hailing rockband REACH is making waves in the international Rock scene with their new album "Prophecy" (March 29, 2024). This highly anticipated full-length featured the electrifying single "Mama Mama,"received excessive airplay on Radio Bob [DE], also supported by Star FM [DE] (Berlin/Nürnberg), and Radio 21 [DE], the album was also supported by a radio ad on Rock Antenne [DE] which places REACH on all four of the biggest rock stations in Germany. Further album singles, "Little Dreams" and “A Million Lives” are winning ground in Sweden and Finland, each earning spot plays on leading national rock stations Bandit Rock (SE) and Rock Radio (FI). Just back from the German leg of their 'Prophecy Tour' REACH now announce their collaboration with Linton Rubino (ex. Ghost) and his band Priest, where Linton remixed the REACH single 'A Million Lives'.
Just back from the German leg of their 'Prophecy Tour', which followed the release of their 4th studio album 'Prophecy', REACH now announce their collaboration with Linton Rubino (ex. Ghost) and his band Priest. Linton has remixed the REACH single 'A Million Lives' and, just like the Prophecy album, it will also be released on spatial audio on the DSPs that support that. Release date is set to June 14 worldwide via Icons Creating Evil Art.
"A Million Lives" is a testament to REACH's ability to weave dramatic narratives into their music. Known for their thought-provoking and emotionally charged lyrics, the band takes inspiration from real-life events, infusing a dark, compelling twist. This track delves into the psyche of youth, exploring themes of helplessness, desperation, and the tragic consequences of actions borne out of rage. Written from the perspective of a young individual on the brink of committing a crime, the song is a poignant reflection on the chilling reality of school shootings.
Ludvig Turner, the band's lead vocalist, shares his insights: "School shootings are so freaking dark and terrible in every way, and their increasing occurrence is frightening. We're all victims in this. 'A Million Lives' is our attempt to capture the consciousness of a moment that should never happen, a desperate plea to prevent a tragedy."
Musically, "A Million Lives" starts with an enchanting, almost crooning style before escalating into a full-blown rock anthem, characterized by powerful and gut-wrenching lyrics. The song's dynamic progression mirrors the tumultuous emotions it explores, capturing listeners in its intense narrative. With Priest adding their electronics and synths on top this remix becomes something really special.
Priest is a synth band that creates music rooted in the vastness of electronic dreams. The goal of their multifaceted prophecy is to safely guide humanity unto the next evolutionary step – the merging with machines. The band was started by Linton Rubino after he left the band Ghost (as one of the Ghouls; Water) and are about to release their fourth album 'Dark Pulse' (May 31st).
REACH, consisting of Ludvig Törner, Marcus Johansson, and Soufian Ma’Aoui, continues to evolve their musical prowess. Collaborating with acclaimed music producer Christian Schneider in crafting "Prophecy", they've honed their distinctive sound, blending playful elements with raw musical talent. This particular trademark comes to life during their explosive live shows, where their passion for music and improvisation create unforgettable experiences for new and returning audiences alike.
Törner elaborates on the makings of the album: "We took a different approach for this album. The songs and lyrics are written by me and arranged by the whole band along with our Producer, Chris Snyder. We loved Chris’s work on our previous single 'Ängel', which he produced, mixed and mastered. His vision for Reach was to record the base of the songs live, as the trio Reach, without all the extra stuff. If the songs were good at their core, then all the choirs, strings and extra production would just act to enhance them. We loved the approach and how it turned out. This album really reflects all three of us, perhaps more so than ever before."
Building on the momentum from their successful European tour with H.E.A.T., REACH has witnessed a surge in popularity, with their singles enjoying extensive airplay across major radio stations in Germany and Sweden. "Prophecy" stands as a testament to their artistry and creativity, demonstrating their willingness to explore beyond genre boundaries.