· By Mattias Forsgren

A Paradise Dot - A Picture of the Sun Dying Debut album out now!

"A summer of lightning with the feeling that after it's over we'll never be able to go back again.In a cemetery in October 2021 and my friend is talking about serotonin, all I can think about is swarms of locusts. A Renaissance painting in the light that rotates around the ceiling lamp.
I sing.
And so last Saturday I had a dream about a predator that spoke a language I understood. It drifted around the ruins and swallowed families whole, saying "I feel such incredible love when I devour them, why would I do anything else?".
If we speak the truth, say exactly as it really is, would a single person have stayed by our side?
That's the record's story, whether it's new things to burn, or something infinite, beautiful and fair, we have to think there's more to it than just charred remains. So we can be human for another year."

As the frontman of the spiritually violent post-hardcore band Tengil, Sakarias Westman has released albums via Prophecy Productions, toured Japan, China and several laps around Europe. By releasing a series of single over the last year, he launched his solo project A Paradise Dot and in a new collaboration with Swedish alt-art connoisseurs Icons Creating Evil Art, he is ready to release his first album as a solo artist.

The album is his own mix of Emo, Black Metal, Folk and Noiserock, where he by himself has written everything and plays all the instruments and a chorus of beautiful noise gathers around Sweden's best singing voice. The album is recorded at The End studios in Lund with mix and master by Ulf Blomberg.

A Paradise Dot began in late 2019, and despite the pandemic, Sakarias managed to tour in both Mexico and Europe. As the world reopened, he held successful concerts in Sweden, Denmark, and at New Friends Fest in Canada.

In recent years, Westman has engaged in several collaborations, with artists such as Respire, Maulén and Liturgy.

Looking ahead, tour dates are planned for Italy and the Nordic countries.

A Picture of the Sun Dying is out June 13 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

01. The End of Time
02. Antichrist
03. Serotonin #1
04. King Covid
05. Climate Sorrow
06. Serotonin #2
07. Latter Days
08. A Picture Of The Sun Dying
09. Personal Fable

Anna Lindholm

A&R / Project Manager
Icons Creating Evil Art
Råsundavägen 73, Solna, Sweden