· By Mattias Forsgren

Majestoluxe unload the full sonic arsenal of his massive modular synth system on his new EP "Stolid State"

Majestoluxe, the enigmatic figurehead of Stockholms underground electronic scene, is announcing the release of a new captivating EP titled "Stolid State". The release marks the start of the artist’s new collaboration with Stockholm-based Boutique Label Icons Creating Evil Art, which also is the home of genre-sibling EMMON. With this new offering, Majestoluxe promises bass lines covered in concrete dust and beats infested with severe rust damage.
At the core of Majestoluxe's sonic arsenal lies a massive modular synth system, exclusively utilized to craft each composition on the EP. The result is an intriguing fusion of noisy techno and experimental electroacoustic art music, that transport listeners back to the raw energy of 80's industrial and Electronic Body Music (EBM). Since emerging onto the scene in 2019, Majestoluxe, also known as Conny Fornbäck, has garnered widespread acclaim for three critically acclaimed albums. Audience and critics alike have been captivated by his unapologetically punky attitude, coupled with mesmerizing visuals, showcased in live performances across Europe and Central America.
The EP features a diverse array of tracks, each offering a unique sonic experience. It’s first single, "Money Mules", is a gritty industrial ballad delving into the underbelly of the financial system and organized crime, punctuated by angular basslines and treated field recordings of seagulls versus magpies. Following up with "Humanity is Vile", featuring guest singer J△3 sEUQCAJ from legendary Belgian EBM bands à;GRUMH... and nEGAPADRES.3.3., this track delivers a bleak reflection on the human condition atop a high-voltage electronic drone. Adding the final touches to the EP is Jimmy Monell (EMMON, Rein, etc.), who, in mastering the tracks, ensures that Majestoluxe's vision reaches its full sonic potential.
The EP also includes new tracks "El Poepah", a homage to the EBM legacy, and "Assertive Indifference", presenting gnarly basslines intertwined with a passively confrontational monologue. Majestoluxe shares his thoughts on the new EP by stating, "These tracks were conceived while building myself a completely new studio around my ever-growing modular synth system. They are all the result of trying out new techniques and combining electronics in unexpected ways. The idea is to tame harsh noise into enjoyable tracks. Always with very serious intentions, but always with the tounge firmly in cheek. I got to play around and made the à;GRUMH...-pastiche El Poepah, which eventually ended up in the headphones of that band's singer J△3 sEUQCAJ. This, in turn, led to the collaboration on Humanity is Vile."
"Stolid State" is available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a journey through the captivating and daring soundscape of Majestoluxe.
Carl-Marcus Gidlöf
Head of the snake
Icons Creating Evil Art
Råsundavägen 73, Solna, Sweden