· By Mattias Forsgren

CORRO team up with Hyperpop sensation Ezekiel getting inspired by indie pop from their early teens on new single ‘All I Need’ Out 5th June 2024 on Icons Creating Evil Art

merging alt-pop artist CORRO has joined forces with the renowned hyperpop artist Ezekiel to release the highly anticipated single 'All I Need'. The track, which combines CORRO's signature lo-fi indie pop sounds with an electrifying verse from Ezekiel, is set to captivate listeners with its infectious whistling hook and CORRO's effortlessly cool vocals. The new single is released 5th June, 2024 via Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. Ezekiel comment: “I love songs like these, it brings me back to my early teens listening to indie pop acts like The Drums on my iPod. I'm thankful I was asked to hop on the record."
Based in Manchester, U.K., Ezekiel has been attending fashion school while writing, producing, and honing his musical style all from his own bedroom. He’s a true DIY artist, turning genre every which way in his creations and mining inspiration from EDM to drum & bass to 2000s pop. Hailed by Dummy Mag as one of the “Best Emerging UK Hyperpop Artists,” 21-year-old he's has had over 200 million streams for his his TikTok and streaming hit 'help_urself' which has been used by some of the biggest creators on TikTok and led Ezekiel to more than 100 million global streams on the service. He’s since then worked with the likes of Siiickbrain, funeral, 6arelyhuman, Internet Girl, Baby Jane and now CORRO.
Earlier this year CORRO released the single 'Show Me Love' and now follow that with the new collab single 'All I Need', showcasing a new direction leaning more toward indie pop than his earlier post-grunge inspired alt-pop. Since signing with Swedish independent label Icons Creating Evil Art in 2019, CORRO has released a series of groundbreaking singles, an EP and an album, collaborating with notable artists such as Johnny Madden (Baby Strange) and Chris Marshall during the pandemic.
Dive in and give this earwork called 'All I Need' a listen, you won't regret it!