· By Mattias Forsgren

From out of the acoustic ashes, rises a blossoming amilost single. New single ‘Bloom’ out 5th June 2024

Norwegian/Scottish duo amilost is set to release their first single since signing with Stockholm-based tastemaker label Icons Creating Evil Art with ‘Bloom’. The new single will be available on 5th June 2024.

New single ‘Bloom’ is another profoundly personal offering from the duo as they aim to capture something more universal in the human psyche. ‘Bloom’ details the ending of a toxic relationship and the new lease of life that brings - befriending time and not rushing into anything. The lyrics equate the endurance of a toxic relationship to a bud in the ground not blooming. Unlike amilost’s previous material, ‘Bloom’ experiments with unexplored electronic textures. The track starts in familiar territory, vocally driven and gloomy, before the sudden chorus kicks in with the quantised ring of bells and syncopated drum rhythm; deep subs and a plethora of percussion create a beautifully busy backdrop for vocalist Sigrid Zeiner’s dulcet tones to slice through like butter.

“‘Bloom’ is a bittersweet anthem about being single, the road that leads you to it, and the feeling of gratitude for the journey,” Sigrid added. “Coming out of that toxic relationship feels like thawing, but soon you’re ready to bloom and make life beautiful again on your own terms. Blooming after a bad situation is such a high that you don’t want to come down from, and it really motivates you to focus on yourself and be grateful for everything you have.”

Based in London, the duo have been gracing ears with their unique brand of “Scandinavian pop with a touch of cinematic grandeur” since 2022’s ‘Pillowside’, and have gone from strength to strength over the past two years. Singles from their debut EP Introspective Souvenirs found their way onto Apple (New Music Daily and New In Alternative & Indie & Chill) and Spotify’s editorial playlists (Fresh Finds: Pop and New Music Friday), as well as spins on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. Debut single ‘Pillowside’ was even playlisted on NRK P3, one of Norway’s leading stations and received over 500 plays. This coverage has led to performances at Norway’s biggest industry showcase by:Larm, a support slot for Tom Speight at Islington Assembly Hall, and a sold-out show alongside Murdo Mitchell at Omera.

amilost will release their new single ‘Bloom’ on 5th June 2024, their first via Icons Creating Evil Art.