Flora Cash


With three acclaimed albums, a number one spot on Billboard Alternative, live appearances on TV shows such as The Late Late Show with James Corden, Flora Cash is no newcomer to the commercial music world. The big international breakthrough came with the hit song "You're Somebody Else", a song that at the time of writing has over 300 million streams and has been referred to by Forbes Magazine's Steve Baltin as "Arguably the most intriguing song on radio the past year". The song has sold platinum in the US and in the spring of 2021 it also became official that the super hit also sold gold in both Sweden and Norway.

The duo Flora Cash; consisting of Swedish Shpresa Lleshaj and American Cole Randall, met on Soundcloud where Shpresa began to comment and take an interest in Cole's music and Cole for Shpresas, which led to Shpresa later traveling over to Minneapolis to meet Cole. Later, they both returned to Europe to start writing music together and after two EPs and another trip to the US, Cole and Shpresa got married. 


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