Flora Cash - Nothing Lasts Forever (And Its' Fine) (1st pressing white opaque 180g vinyl) LP in 3mm spined sleeve

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An exclusive limited edition & first ever re-press of the iconic album Nothing Lasts Forever (And Its' Fine) by Flora Cash. The re-press is limited to 500 units and will be pressed on white opaque 180g vinyl). Comes in a 3mm spined sleeve.

Cole and Shpresa have been making their “atmospheric in theme and vibe” music since e-falling in love via Soundcloud, falling in love all over again in 3D and getting married soon after… Yes, it is a genuine 21st century fairytale with the current soundtrack of their lives ready to be heard. They’re honest in their lyrics, filled with relaxed brightness yet still keeping its dark moments, moments of doubt, of anger, of pain still fully present in the sonic backbone of Flora Cash.

“Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine)” does exactly what the title suggests. It helps the listener, as well as the band themselves, come to terms with the fact that although nothing lasts forever, it really is fine…

Flora Cash's sophomore album "Nothing Lasts Forever (And It's Fine)" is available on  CD in Digisleeve & a limited edition Re-press 180g vinyl in white opaque. LP comes in 3mm spined sleeve.