Bonnie Li


Born in a Marseille family, Bonnie Li grew up in Hong Kong, began her adult life in Paris and is now based in Berlin. She writes, composes and sings her melancholic and touching ‘Trip Pop’ in three languages (English, French & Chinese Mandarin). From her different travels which profoundly imprinted her, Bonnie Li wanders recurrent themes like ‘women as heroines’ and ‘relationships’.

While her last releases - debut album “Wǒ Men" (2019) & EP "Plane-Crash" (2017) - were praised by the media for their originality and cinematic dimensions (RollingStone, Clash Magazine, Earmilk, Rough Trade...) performing live is definitely another of her strongest suits. Charismatic and touching in her one-woman-show, the singer balances between tension and release while adding to the experience with live samples and mixing vocal harmonies with airy synths, all on deep and catchy beats. Bonnie Li released 4 new singles, building up to her 2nd full length album 'Le Bleu du Rouge', which the artist describes herself as "a stroll on the amorous shores, an album thought of as a voyage".

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