Bonnie Li - Le Bleu du Rouge CD

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After receiving waves of support for her Trip-Hop/Pop EP ‘Plane Crash’ at the end of 2017, French singer-songwriter-composer Bonnie Li returned with her debut Dark-Pop studio album ‘Wǒ Men’ in January 2019, a part-autobiographical, part-fiction collection with the aim to explore the emotions and fears she experienced in the 2 years between the two releases. Today, Bonnie Li is ready to present her second full-length album 'Le Bleu du Rouge', which the artist herself describes as “a stroll on the amorous shores, thought of as a voyage, between dreams and desires “. 'Le Bleu du Rouge' which translates to "The Blue within the Red", explores love in different shapes and forms, och showcases original arrangements and striking sound design with a minimalistic approach, making it more delicate than Bonnie Li's previous offers.