· By Mattias Forsgren

Tribe Friday find their way home on genre bending sophomore album 'Hemma'. Dropping Oct. 13 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

Swedish indie alt-rock band Tribe Friday is back to drop their sophomore album Hemma on 13th October 2023 via Icons Creating Evil Art. ‘Hemma’ is the Swedish word for ‘home’, the ultimate theme for this retrospective, Swedish bubblegum emo, “hometown trauma dump” record.
Tribe Friday released their debut LP, ‘bubblegum emo’, in June 2022 to critical acclaim, featuring on Upset, Earmilk, Alternative Press, American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine, and more, as they infectiously introduced the world to the Swedish invasion with charting hit ‘shut me up’ (over 1.2M streams to date). They've had several singles on rotation on Swedish National Radio P3, German Radio (Radio Eins, Flux FM, Star FM, etc.), and Radio X continues to support each release from the band.
More recently, the legendary Jack Saunders loved the band and hyped the single ‘Swimsuit’ on his Future Artists show on BBC Radio 1, following suit of his colleague, Nels Hylton, on his show Future Alternative.
Marrying the rugged indie rock of the early-2000s with gen-Z post-pandemic party vibe bliss, Tribe Friday is a band of guitar-slinging emo kids from the woods of Sweden. Their repertoire consists of upbeat songs that speak to self-deprecation, identity, confusion, love, and death and are anchored by sarcasm, wit and charm. ‘Hemma’ marks a shift away from their party essence, and further into their emo influences.
Tribe Friday says, "This is a record about home and about coming to terms with what that word means to you, how violently it has shaped you. How much love you still hold for it, despite everything. It moves from nostalgia to grief, through anger to apathy, to finally land in reluctant acceptance; we don’t choose where we come from, and we can’t undo the bruises our circumstances caused us…We wear the inspirations we gathered in our formative years on our sleeves on this record, and we do so proudly. To us, it’s a true emo record. To you, it might be something completely different.”
To further reinforce the notion of ‘home’, ‘Hemma’ was recorded at the TF Studio, located right next to members Noah and Isak’s house and built by the pair (with the help of friends). Inspired by artists like The Strokes, My Chemical Romance and La Dispute, Tribe Friday has created a genre-bending sound and a narrative that directly reflects their experiences growing up in Sweden while paying homage to the indie post-rock movement. Their playful and airy indie rock sound will have you jamming out to some of the saddest but most honest lyrics about maturing and, for better or worse, escaping your hometown.
The group have released three singles from their upcoming second album: ‘Swimsuit’, ’Me and All My Friends’, and ’Salt Clouds’. ‘Swimsuit’ plants the seed for this earworm with its catchy guitar riff, pounding bassline throughout with heartfelt lyrics about looking back to be a better friend in the future - the lyrics: cross my heart and hope to die / I’ll be gone before i’m better, pasted over a big indie chorus is emo at its finest. Similarly, ‘Me and All My Friends’ is a gritty but potentially relatable track about mental health problems and being a “misfit”, placed over a classic 2010s indie riff, and a perfectly layered rhythm section with a cowbell, handbell, a xylophone, along with the usual suspects. Most recently, Tribe Friday released the single ‘Salt Clouds’, a more traditional emo track. The playful and airy rock sound will have you jamming out to some of the saddest but most honest lyrics about maturing and, for better or worse, escaping your hometown. ‘Salt Clouds’ is a dynamic track that rides on the edges of the spectrum of emotion.
Tribe Friday’s sophomore album ‘Hemma’ is to be released 13th October 2023 and are supporting Wheatus on their UK tour from 17th October 2023.

29 SEPT / Viersen / Rockschicht
30 SEPT / Oldenburg / Cadillac
1 OCT / Braunschweig / B58
2 OCT / Dortmund / Subrosa
3 OCT / Köln / Blue Shell
5 OCT / Oberhausen / Druckluft
6 OCT / Nürnberg / Nrnbrg Pop / Festival
7 OCT / Alfeld / Rock Café
17 OCT / Margate / Olby’s Creative Hub
18 OCT / Southend-on-Sea / Chinnerys
19 OCT / Worthing / The Factory
20 OCT / London / The Garage
21 OCT / Guildford / The Boileroom / SOLD OUT
22 OCT / Swansea / The Bunkhouse / SOLD OUT

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