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Swedish producer duo PAPA Sound out with yet another remix of the single with Jamaican rapper Xout Boss to bring forth the DarkTrapwave track, Gun Talk (Skull Edit)

A few weeks back, Swedish producer duo PAPA Sound released their collaboration with Jamaican rapper Xout Boss on the new single "Gun Talk". A gritty, murky Dark Trap-esque likkle patwois infused banger!
Now, as a part of their series of "Skull Edits" (the duos remix concept), the track "Gun Talk" also gets a in-an-alternative-reality result and take in terms of vibe.
In an somewhat drillhall-esque meets darkwave for a late night ride-manner, the track definetly takes a different turn...
As Patrik Arve & Paolo Albo continue on their path of collaborating with diverse and talented urban artists worldwide, their musical journey has now led them to the streets of Mountain View Avenue, Jamaica. Here, emerging rapper Xout Boss is making his mark, standing alongside other Jamaican greats.
With a passion for murky music, Xout Boss began his journey, captivating audiences at local talent shows and open-mic events. His authentic and gritty lyrics, reflecting the realities of life in Jamaica, have struck a chord with his community, earning him a devoted following.
In 2022, Xout Boss released the infectious banger "Cold Grung," an instant local hit that solidified his presence in the Jamaican music scene. Sharing stages with established artists like Skeng Don, Xout Boss has honed his craft and gained recognition for his electrifying live performances.
His journey as an artist is only beginning, and we eagerly await to see what this talented Jamaican rapper will bring the world of caribbean rap next.
PAPA Sound is a Swedish producer duo focused on creating bass driven, dancehall, afrobeat, and reggae tunes. Founded by Patrik Arve and Paolo Albo, Papa Sound became a duo in the year 2020. The name PAPA comes from their given names initials Paolo Albo and Patrik Arve. In their songs, they vent the issues and passions they have in common, from social injustice or environmental issues to just their love for music
“Usually we're looking for the spark in the gap between different genres. For us, 90% of good music is all about the attitude. It's more important than your actual "skill". Hence our love for punk, hip-hop and reggae. We are baking outernational musical biscuits full of bass and riddim. The vocals are, at this point, made by guests from Jamaica or Africa and is considered the icing on the cake.”
Patrik Arve is one third of the award winning group Teddybears with hits like “Cobrastyle” featuring the Jamaican Mad Cobra, the song has the song has at this point 50 million streams. Arve and Teddybears have made songs with Beenieman, Ninjaman, Elephantman, Busy Signal, Cutty Ranks, Ward 21, Wiley, Kano, Ghetts, Iggy Pop, Eve, Robyn, Neneh Cherry to name a few.


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