· By Mattias Forsgren

Murdo Mitchell work with the producer Ollie Green (Gavin James, Ella Henderson, Emilí Sande) on his new single Your Skin out Sept. 29 via Icons Creating Evil Art

After returning earlier this year to deliver his stunning comeback singles ‘Ghosts’ and 'Jaded', his first effort since his well-received EP ‘Stay Nocturnal’ in November last year, a record that found praise from EarmilkCLASH and XS Noize, Scottish singer-songwriter Murdo Mitchell is back once again with his passionate new offering ‘Your Skin’.
Bringing back another rich and vibrant dose of singer-songwriter / dark-pop once again, ‘Your Skin’ sees the frontman deliver one of his most awe-inspiring cuts to date. With his raw and powerful voice layered amongst a bed of sweeping acoustic guitar and humble production, his latest endeavour marks a vital moment within his career so far, as he builds upon his warm and compelling songwriting.
Speaking about the new single, he said, "Your Skin is sort of about a relationship where both parties involved are dishonest with one another, but will lie to keep the love they have for one another going While also pursuing forbidden love and finding out about the burden that comes along with that. 

The song is structured principally as slow build, gently introducing the instrumentation, which adds to the continuing crescendo throughout to try and convey that feeling of hurt and dishonesty that climbs towards the eventual peak. 
I always try to write songs that build. I love songs that start at the bottom of a dark well and end up close to the sun. 
It’s one of my favourite tracks I’ve written and I love playing it live - I hope you enjoy listening to it!"

Mitchell’s team is rapidly growing, backed by a team of heavyweight representation— Pick & Mix MGMT alongside Swedish indie tastemaker label, Icons Creating Evil Art and X-Ray Touring. He has performed at some of Scotland’s most popular festivals such as T-In-The ParkBelladrumLinlithgow Folk Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe. He performed live in 2021 with the esteemed Gabe CoulterStarsailor, and his close companion, Dylan John Thomas (Oslo, Hackney). 
Murdo Mitchell’s new single ‘Your Skin’ will be out Sept. 29 2022 via Icons Creating Evil Art. 



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