· By Mattias Forsgren

Italian dark rap band KUADRA announce upcoming EP 'DISCODURO', including the singles 'GLORYHOLE', 'ROBINUD' and 'SANTINO' Released November 24 on Icons Creating Evil Art

Kuadra is an Italian dark rap band from Vigevano. Since their formation in 2006, they have released four studio albums and toured extensively all across Italy and Europe. Their shows are characterized, both visually and sonically, by overwhelming seismic performances. Their lyrics speak of the disorientation caused by the society of control and hyper-digitalisation, of a sense of rejection of surveillance capitalism, of hatred and utopia. They are laser blasphemies aimed at eye level. In June 2023, they signed a contract with the Stockholm-based label Icons Creating Evil Art. The title of their new six-track EP is DISCODURO, a distortion of ‘disco d’oro’ (‘gold disc’) which is also the literal translation of ‘hard-disk’, a symbol of memory in this digital age.
Kuadra is gearing up for a remarkable launch of their upcoming album "DISCODURO." With a bold marketing approach, they are planning to use laser projectors that will illuminate the names of their singles in iconic locations, providing a unique visual experience. Furthermore, they are planning to plaster posters in major cities across northern Italy, generating anticipation and interest.
The band has an exciting European tour in the pipeline for 2023-2024, which will not only see them performing in various cities but will also serve as the primary vehicle to promote the new album. These strategies for future promotion showcase Kuadra's commitment to making a lasting and engaging impact in the music scene.
Remixes and collaborations/features will be used to release versions of the singles from the EP, cross-promoting Kuadra's music to other artists' fans and followers on social media and DSPs. The first one is already confirmed with the dark drum n' bass producer Zardonic doing a remix of SANTINO early 2024.
Advertising will be focused on social media (Meta and TikTok) and in select printed press like Rumore, Rock Hard Italy and more.


Carl-Marcus Gidlöf
Head of the Snake
Icons Creating Evil Art
Råsundavägen 73, Solna