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International artist and icon Günther release Real Sassy; a collaboration with the world's richest dog. This is Günther featuring Günther Out November 24th

International artist and icon Günther celebrates his 20th anniversary in 2024. But before that, there is the release of Real Sassy, a song that makes most people want to shake it like a wild dog. A collaboration with the world's richest dog bestowed with the same name as the Icon himself. Don't miss this banger by Günther feat Günther.
STOCKHOLM – [2023-11-07]. World-renowned artist and entertainer, Günther, is set to release his latest single "Real Sassy" in collaboration with none other than the world's wealthiest canine, Günther VI, and the visionary CEO behind The Günther Corporation, Maurizio Mian. The track will debut on November 24 under the rebellious and innovative Swedish label, Icons Creating Evil Art.
Günther, often referred to as "The Pleasureman" by legions of adoring fans, has been a dominant force in the music industry since 2003, captivating audiences from Europe to Asia with hits like "Ding Dong Song", "Teeny Weeny", and "Touch Me". Renowned for his enigmatic performances, he is a symbol of sexual energy, always advocating for love, positivity, and self-expression.
In his words, "For over a decade, we've nurtured a deep-rooted relationship. While earlier discussions of endeavors in music and TV didn't match our timelines, our bond has never wavered. My distinct connection with fans and the layered depth in my music were magnetic to Maurizio. With an outstanding team like Maurizio's by my side, we're poised to embark on a collaboration that promises unparalleled greatness."
2024 holds special significance for Günther as it marks two decades of his illustrious career. Always an icon, his mission remains clear: spread love, positivity, and challenge societal norms. Embracing the digital age, Günther is now reaching fans on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, ensuring that his message resonates even further.
How did the collaboration single 'Real Sassy' come about;
Over his twenty-year career, singer Günther has shown he has fully interiorized and applied the ideas underlying the formula of happiness discovered by Maurizio Mian. Name coincidence aside, his model-like physique, his ostentatious displays of wealth, his thirst for fame, his hypersexuality, his spectacular stage presence, and his international success as a singer mark him as the natural ambassador for the project. In addition, his unique, distinctive singing style, his suggestive videos, the way he seduces his audience, everything that makes Günther Gunthastic also makes him the archetype of the "Meaning of Happiness".
Behind the sensational story of the german shepherd Günther VI we find Maurizio Mian (born 25 March 1956); an Italian entrepreneur and pharmaceutical heir who is the CEO of The Günther Corporation. A noted eccentric, Mian has often used his dog Günther as a figurehead for his investments in sports clubs, property and media. For publicity purposes Mian promulgated a long-running urban legend of his fabulously wealthy dynasty of German shepherd dogs, all called Günther. The Günther dogs frequently appear on published lists of the world's wealthiest animals.
The Netflix Series
The mediatic power of the world's richest dog, his amazing story and the associations it evokes attracted the interest of Netflix, capturing people's attention around the world in season 1 of Gunther's Millions (watch the trailer on Youtube) launching the story into some of the largest news outlets in the world like Forbes, The Guardian, The Independent and many many more.
"In November 2021, Gunther VI made headlines when he allegedly tried to sell a Florida mansion previously owned by Madonna." // The Independent
"Gunther's Millions review - like a Eurotrash documentary about a filthy rich dog and his sex cult" // The Guardian
"There Is Nothing On TV Like The Netflix Doc ‘Gunther’s Millions’" // Forbes
The new single Real Sassy is released Nov. 24 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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