· By Mattias Forsgren

Internet Friends announce their long awaited debut album “Dressed To Kill” Released May 5th on Icons Creating Evil Art

Fresh from supporting The Libertines on the Nordic leg of their 2022 tour, Internet Friends have revealed their debut album “Dressed To Kill” is on the way - released May 5 via Icons Creating Evil Art. Can be pre-ordered from here: https://icea.ffm.to/internetfriends

“Dressed To Kill” will feature the previously released title track as well as the singles How D'You Like Me Now? and Rice Krispies. Enjoying spins on BBC 6 MusicBBC Radio 1’s Future Alternative with Nels Hylton and BBC Radio 1’s Indie Show with Jack Saunders and even charting on Amazing Radio and ESNS Emerging European Chart, Gothenburg-based Internet Friends are ready to take over the airwaves once again. 

Speaking on their new album, Internet Friends say: "It's time to fall in love with an album again. It's time to start fan accounts on all social media. The kind of debut that comes every ten years. Internet Friends release a collection of songs that will fundamentally shake up the indie music scene. Dressed To Kill is the granddaddy of debut albums and it's now your turn to take over and care for this record.”

Internet Friends keep on exploring new ways to create music that make crowds lose their inhibitions. This time, the band really went for it and wrote a song in the forbidden tuning of drop D. A band that pays no respect to the concept of genre has made magic  yet again. Mesmerising guitars by Noel Hassling, pounding drums by Jakob Falkendal and surprisingly optimistic lyrics from singer Fredrik Soila; "Even though I'm still fighting my mind and all the bad thoughts in it, at least I'm Dressed To Kill." 

Fredrik explains: "The lyrics were written when I had a full time job that I realised didn’t give me anything whatsoever which made me live for the weekends. On mondays I used to sneak away in to an empty room at work to write lyrics about what I had done on Friday and Saturday and one particular Monday this song is what came out. The lyrics are 100% telling my real story about choosing to be a low-life just because the other part of you is the opposite." 

Last year, Fredrik Soila, Jakob Falkendal and Noel Hassling-Offrell as Internet Friends, released the “Nosebleeds” EP - the follow up to their debut EP “Yawn Yawn Yawn”.  Described as "a fusion between alternative indie rock and punk pop", “Nosebleeds” built on the energy established on their pop-leaning debut. Today, they are almost unrecognisable as they give two fingers to those who made them feel unwelcome and de-prioritised in their formative years. The sunny disposition  has been swapped with one of attitude, spit and discontent.  

Feeling exiled by the Swedish music scene, Internet Friends began to play up the idea of professional martyrdom and developed a core audience by  relentless hard work and frequent, balls-to-wall live shows.  “A gig should be 60 minutes without a break, with up-tempo songs and a maximum of one ballad. We want to reach out and have a party, not give people more anxiety.” Jakob Falkendal explains: “The core of the band is that we really want to make a big impression as a live band, to be the band we ourselves wanted to see. What is missing in Swedish music  today is bands and artists with damn clear intentions. The point of playing is to entertain and offer people a free zone. I think the core is that we are not on stage for our sake, but for the sake of the audience. Because we have to give it to people. The music scene of today is poor in nutrition.”

Sink your teeth into Internet Friends now. You’ll only get hungry later. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf
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