Lera Lynn - On My Own (Deluxe Edioton on 12" Vinyl)

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Lera Lynn embodies Americana, country and modern nostalgia better than most artists in her genre. She stole the scenes with her moody sombre Americana and country influence that felt like a warm embrace. This album keeps that as its central core message. A moody, reflective, introspective album that evolves effortlessly with upbeat acoustic songs to more melancholy numbers.

Lera Lynn - On My Own (Deluxe Edioton) on 2x 12" vinyls in gatefold.


SIDE A - 1. Are You Listening? 2. What I'm Looking For 3. So Far 4. It Doesn't Matter

SIDE B - 5. Dark Horse 6. Let Me Tell You Something 7. A Light Comes Through

SIDE C - 8. Make You OK 9. Isolation 10. Things Change

SIDE D – 11. Daydreamer 12. Dark Horse – Reimagined 13. A Light Comes Through – Reimagined 14. Are You listening - Reimagined