Hannah Aldridge - Razor Wire - Vinyl

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Introducing the re-issue of Hannah Aldridge’s critically acclaimed debut album, ”Razor Wire” - a haunting exploration of love, loss, and rebellion. For the first time ever available on vinyl. Growing up in the heart of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Aldridge’s music is a reckoning between her Southern upbringing and the quest for identity beyond it. With a voice both gritty and melodic, she weaves tales of struggle and self-discovery that resonate with listeners. This 10 Year Anniversary re-issue invites you to rediscover Aldridge’s early work, where each track soothes like a lullaby and cuts like a whip.
Features: Dylan Leblanc , The 400 Unit.
Top 100 Americana Records of 2014 on the AMA Charts

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Released May 13, 2024
This Ltd. ed first pressing is pressed on red transparent vinyl, and come in a 3mm spined sleeve
Cat#: ICEALP556
EAN: 7350049519784

01. You Ain't Worth the Fight
02. Try
03. Strand of Pearls
04. Lie Like You Love Me
05. Parchman

06. Howlin' Bones
07. Old Ghost
08. Razor Wire
09. Save Yourself
10. Black and White