Emmon - XCEPTION [CD in 4-page Digisleeve. Limited edition 300 copies.]

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Devil's On Your Back
On The Devils Back
No Mans Land

EMMON shares her thoughts on the new EP, stating, “The release of the EP XCEPTION is seen as a natural waypoint in the creative journey of crafting songs for a forthcoming album. I felt a strong desire to begin performing some new material to enrich the dynamics of my ongoing live repertoire, and I believed that I had a collection of strong songs that would work well both in a live context and as part of a complete EP."
The first offering from EMMON’s new EP was the vampire epic 'DARK', in which the artist delves into themes of romanticized violence and love bordering obsession. Keeping her storytelling aligned, the following single ‘Devil’s On Your Back’ speaks on the hardship of breaking away from one's dark past and bad habits. The EP also includes the instrumental interlude ‘On The Devil's Back’, as well as two new tracks, ‘No Mans Land’ and ‘Skin’.