WNDR began developing his ear for beats and melodies at the age of just 10 years old after taking after his father and learning the art of DJing. You only have to look at WNDR’s discography to see the raw talent the Norwegian DJ and producer has. 
At 32 years of age, WNDR has already put in two decades of work and gained a reputation for himself in the club scene of his hometown, landed Top 10 tracks in the UK and Ireland and toured heavily across Europe. He went platinum in Norway with his debut single ‘Medicine’ (nearing 5 million streams and still counting), and the song was also playlisted on Norwegian P3. He later went on to release ‘Human’ which went straight into NRK P3s playlist and ‘Higher - WNDR Remix’ by Lemaitre which got playlisted on Kiss FM, played on SiriusXM as well as grabbed the attention of well-renowned DJ Martin Garrix.
WNDR has gone on to release more outstanding hits with industry-leading labels such as Crosswalk RecordsSony and Epic Tones Records.

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