Waxteeth has proven to be a new exciting (dark)star on the bass and dubstep horizon. After the release of his first rather smooth single 'Spirit Break' Waxteeth followed with a dark, grinding release in next single 'Momentum', showcasing an impressive ability to deliver seriously gritty, horror-inspired bass-productions. To furhter emphasize the darkness that accompanies his apocalyptic aesthetics, the artist moved on by dipping his toes in the metal and heavy rock genresfeaturing Alt Metal band We Are The Catalyst in his third single 'Losing My Mind'. Later Waxteeth presented a heart-ratling co-lab with musical genre outlaw and energy-visionary Zardonic (Bullet for my Valentine, Smash into Pieces), releasing two adrenaline-pumping drum 'n bass remixes of 'Momentum' and 'Losing My Mind' and breaking new ground with press and playlists across the scene.

Displaying a distinct talent for creating foreboding an omnius vibrations in his so far released work, the mysterious artist and producer gives us an enticing insight to his vision for the upcoming story arc by stating: "Just like we’ve imagined humans scrapping for materials in post apocalyptic worlds time and time again, this EP is me doing exactly that. Taking my first stumbling steps in a new world, grabbing whatever I find, connecting it, building something new from the parts. Metal and bass, mind and machine, anger and fear all bolted together. Is it shelter? Is it a memory? Is it alive…? Let’s find out..."


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