Theo Bard


London-based singer, songwriter and producer Theo Bard crafts epic pop anthems, inspired by and collaborating with the rich and eclectic music scene he finds around him in the capital. With nothing but a laptop and a carload of instruments, the artist has a knack of arriving in a new space, writing and recording a few bangers, then disappearing.

His album 'Now I Am King'  heralded a new dawn, with glossy, upbeat melodies embracing both live and electronic soundscapes. Featuring orchestral strings, huge brass sounds and irresistible synth leads, the album is an ode to innovation. While instant hits 'KING', 'Rhythm in the Night', and 'One Move' pull no punches in the artist's new positive sound-palette, he finds more experimental textures in 'Breath', 'The Cold Night' and 'Shoot For the Moon'. It's an exciting, breathless splurge of musical ideas, and the addition of world-class violinist Max Baillie and horn titans Dat Brass only serve the impression that guitar-toting folk singer of 2012 has mutated into an accomplished producer.

As the world comes out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Bard is embracing today's DIY culture with offerings which are at once home-spun and epic in their scale; ready to spring from the box and sting his listeners in the ear with every new track.

Having followed Now I Am King with singles Jump and Quicker, the artist is showing he has a hook for every occasion - best exhibited at his unforgettable live shows.


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