Terzo is Italian and translates to "the third". The darkwave/drone/shoegaze duo, consisting of Karl Clinton (former bass player of the cult post-punk act Diskoteket, co-founder of improvisational project Tsantsa) and Billie Lindahl (lead singer & guitarist of dream pop/dark folk act Promise and the Monster), was born from their mutual love for doom and gloom, gothic rock, folk and medieval music. But more than that, Terzo is a statement in itself, an intense lust to break free from the overwhelming processes and guidelines often forced upon artists in today's music industry, and a wish to portray society from a marginalized party's perspective. The duo tells us: "Terzo was born out of a discussion about songs we mutually liked and a lust to try a different work process than in our then current projects, to do whatever we wanted without restrictions - with obsession and gut feeling as guidance." 

The two artists' shared preference for music and art that embodies some degree of darkness or gloom, is tangible through the main-theme of love & death that saturatets their work in the upcoming self titled debut EP. In the midst of the creative processes of writing the new songs, the duo often had the sensation that a third presence was keeping them company, and was very intrigued by the thought. "We started talking about the appearance of a third element, in sleep and in dreams. Terzo is about acknowledging this third element, the swirl that light and darkness generates, opening ourselves toward our own weakness."

This summer Terzo journey to New York to play gigs ar underground clubs, bringing with them the niche videographer Johan Lundsten, to capture their trip in an intimate video documentation that is later to become the founding pillars of their upcoming music video. The EP vill be available in physical form of a 12" vinyl as well as streamable on all major platforms later this autumn. 


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