Red Cell

With inspiration taken from 80s giants such as Erasure, Depeche Mode, Alphaville, New Order and others, Red Cell bakes its electronic synthpop into a vibrating, modern pop that touches and makes you want to move.

Musically, "Red Cell" is an album where the group focused on developing their songwriting and the album's production. These are strong pop songs dripping with sticky hooks. The shimmering synthpop side is balanced by a darker side where lead heavy, pumping bass drives the groove forward and where Jimmy Skeppstedt's dark lyrics find their rightful place. Layers upon layers of synth pads and bass that together spin a sonorous web of shimmering dark pop with an electronic twist.

2023 Red Cell celebrates 20 years as a band and a lot has happened since the beginning. A desire to explore and forward thinking have always characterized the band's output over the years. From having played a rock-hard fusion of EBM/futurepop and seven-string industrial metal on the first record "Hybrid Society" (with a 7th position on the official hard rock chart!), via the futurepop-scented second record "Lead or Follow" where the song "Lust" sailed up as a modern synth anthem with an obvious place in the band's live set, as well as an unchallenged first place in the band's top 3 on Spotify. By the third record "Endings and Beginnings", the original quartet had become the duo we know them as today and that undoubtedly meant the end of one era, but the beginning of another.
The new album "Red Cell" (released March 17) undoubtedly means a new start for the group in many respects and musically it is definitely the strongest album to date, with several melodic pop songs in an electronic synthpop/new wave twist. A darker streak cuts through the album and adds a well-maintained blackness that both balances the album as a whole and perhaps even points out a direction for future music.
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