Lustans Lakejer


Few Swedish bands have affected as many people as the new wave pioneers Lustans Lakejer. When they released their debut album in 1981, many were amazed by the world they painted with their lyrics and music. Lustans Lakejer may have started as a punk band in 1978, but they quickly chose another path and made their own kind of revolt where they portrayed a glamorous existence of decadent promiscuity in elegant nightclubs. Their image stood in contrast to both the punk's aggressiveness and the prog's politicized cues and the band's famous statement that "the clothes are more important than the music" provoked the Swedish industry. Perhaps it contributed to Lustans Lakejer being named Sweden's best dressed band in 1981, but over time the statement came to overshadow the more serious side of the band's lyrics, the one about lost love, alienation and the price of glamor.


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