Kid Vicious


Kid Vicious has made a name for herself as a sensational live act, on stages in Sweden as well as internationally. Her aesthetic is a modern incarnation of Courtney Love and Nancy Spungen—a scandal-ridden diva and ruthless survivor, wrapped in the glamorously decadent costume of a fallen femme fatale.

Magdalena Svedberg, alias Kid Vicious, has been in the world of music since she entered a music class as a 12-year-old. At the age of 15, she released music with her former band HLTR$ which still has thousands of listeners every month. The solo act Kid Vicious saw the light of day when Magdalena turned 18.

With inspiration from Rico Nasty, Edith the Pike, Billy's Dream, BbyMutha, Parc Ferme, Flatbush Zombies and Fermé, she unconventionally mixes influences from American contemporary rap, the Swedish hip-hop scene and Swedish pop. One second sensitive and anxious - the next cocky, flamboyant and tongue in cheek. Consistently authentic and with razor-sharp acuity.


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