Dreamy soundscapes, urban beats and nordic coolness is what you get when you throw Positano, Milan, and Gothenburg into a stylish mix. Add to that Claudio Pallone, Alfonso Fusco, and Aldo Axha and you get Emmecosta. The post-club trio's intoxicating and atmospheric dream-pop has already attracted repeated airplay here in Scandinavia (P3, P4 and YleX), and been featured by international press, the likes of Noisey, Complex and Clash Magazine, the latter quite brilliantly described the trio's music as “post-club tropical indie soul”.

After coming to consider themselves Swedish nationals, the group has strong pull to portray and develop their Swedish/Italian connection through their forthcoming work. Now the trio is preparing the long awaited release of their debut album of 5 years, 'Overnight', with its first single ‘White River’ dropping on September 23.