Darkplace is an anonymous band that has recently emerged on the music scene, set to release their debut album 'About the End of the World' in the autumn of 2023. Their music is rooted in post punk, but incorporates a variety of other genres in their sound. The concept behind the album is centred around a grim future, or perhaps present, where the world is depicted through digital paintings in the accompanying music videos. The imagery is inspired by the bleak landscape of Stockholm's Västerort, but with a unique and imaginative twist.
The debut single 'Arken över Hesselby' translates to 'The Ark Over Hesselby', pointing towards an alternative version of the Stockholm suburb "Hässelby". It's video shows us a familiar cityscape, haunted by an unknown presents watched form the sky.
This project is not only about music for Darkplace. It is an art project that seeks to explore and comment on the state of the world through their music and visuals. As a new and enigmatic force in the music industry, Darkplace is sure to turn heads with their innovative approach to creating art.
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