A Paradise Dot


As the frontman of the spiritually violent post-hardcore band Tengil, Sakarias Westman has released albums via Prophecy Productions , toured Japan, China and several laps around Europe. In an unholy alliance with Icons Creating Evil Art, he now launches his solo project A Paradise Dot – introducing his own mix of Emo, Black Metal, Folk and Noiserock; a chorus of beautiful noise that gathers around Sweden's best singing voice.

A Paradise Dot was initiated in late 2019 and despite the pandemic, Sakarias managed to tour both Mexico and Europe. As the world reopened, some successful concerts have been held in Sweden, Denmark and Canada. The past years have also been sprinkled with artist collaborations; Westman lent his voice to Respire's "Black Line", he released a song on Tokyo Jupiter's "Memories of a lost city" and appeared on Maulén's album "El Miedo De Amar Pero Igual Lo Hago".


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