Louise Lemon - A Broken Heart is an Open Heart (Limited Edition Box-set w/ LP+2CD in lid-off box)

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This vinyl box-set of Louise Lemón's album 'A Broken Heart is an Open Heart' contains a beautiful lid-off box including the album on 180g vinyl and CD in Digisleeve, as well as a bonus live-CD.

1. Sunlight 2. Montaña3. Not Enough4. Blurry Vision5. Swimming in Sadness6. Susceptible soul 7. Cross 8. Honest Heart 9. Almond Milk 10. A Broken Heart is an Open Heart

BONUS LIVE CD - Live at Vega, Copenhagen (December 2018)
1. Appalacherna 2. Not Enough 3. 178 4. Thirst 5. Cross 6. Montaña