Lera Lynn - On My Own (Deluxe Edioton on CD in Digisleeve)

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Lera Lynn embodies Americana, country and modern nostalgia better than most artists in her genre. She stole the scenes with her moody sombre Americana and country influence that felt like a warm embrace. This album keeps that as its central core message. A moody, reflective, introspective album that evolves effortlessly with upbeat acoustic songs to more melancholy numbers.

Lera Lynn - On My Own (Deluxe Edioton) on CD in Digisleeve.


1. Are You Listening? 2. What I'm Looking For 3. So Far 4. It Doesn't Matter 5. Dark Horse 6. Let Me Tell You Something 7. A Light Comes Through 8. Make You OK 9. Isolation 10. Things Change 11. Daydreamer 12. Dark Horse – Reimagined 13. A Light Comes Through – Reimagined 14. Are You listening - Reimagined