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Swedish rock band REACH is reaping radio success both back home and throughout Europe

REACH are back with a brand new album and it's first single "Mama Mama" is on it's third consecutive month on rotation at one of Germany's biggest commercial radio stations, Radio Bob. The single was also added on Star FM (Berlin/Nürnberg) and is now also getting support by Radio 21, making it three out of the four biggest rock stations in the country. More over, the albums second single "Little Dreams" is rotating on Bandit Rock, the biggest rock radio station in Sweden. With thousands of Shazams in just the last couple of weeks, the momentum for REACH is growing.
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New single "A million Lives" from REACH is released on January 19,
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After supporting H.E.A.T. during a wildly successful tour though Europe, Stockholm based rock-trio REACH are back with more thrilling tales in brand new full length album "Prophecy", set to be released in March of 2024. The new album campaign got off to a flying start with its first single "Mama Mama" on heavy rotation at Radio Bob, one of Germany's 10 biggest radio stations, reaching over 500k listeners per hour and up to 3 million listeners per day. Now, the song also spinns on Star FM and Radio 21, making it three out of the four biggest rock stations in Germany. Meanwhile the albums second single "Little Dreams" spinns on the biggest rock radio back home in Sweden, Bandit Rock. With this growing radio-support, the band releases a forth album single on January 19 called "A million Lives"!
REACH are no strangers to incorporating dramatics into their music, often taking inspiration from real life events while adding a dark, intriguing twist. "A Million Lives" is certainly no exception! Touching on the helplessness that seeps into the younger generations and how desperate rage can turn to action with catastrophic consequences, this song was written in the perspective of a young kid about to commit a crime. Rocking like a ship in a storm, the new track starts by enchanting it's listener in an almost crooning manner, before it blooms out into a true rock anthem with strong gutting lyrics. Vocalist Ludvig Turner tells us how the horrific trend of school shootings partly inspired the song. "School shootings are so freaking dark and terrible in just every way and the increase of them are scary as hell. Everyone involved is a victim and I wanted to write a song trying to enter the stage before. Listen to the song as a consciousness desperately trying to stop this act from happening. But to no avail..."
In the making of upcoming album "Prophecy", the band teamed up with music producer Christian Schneider, who made it his mission to unite the playful essence of REACH’s music with their raw talent as musicians. The trio consisting of Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson and Soufian Ma’Aoui is characterized by their mutual passion for music, their drive for experimentation and finding a very genuine joy in the process. The bond that connects them is evident in their explosive live shows, where their innate musical ability is bolstered by their unchained nature and love for improvisation.
"A Million Lives" is out on January 19th via Swedish Boutique Label Icons Creating Evil Art.


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