· By Mattias Forsgren

Sweden's electro queen EMMON releases second single from her first full-length album since 2014

Sweden's electro queen EMMON, aka Emma Nylén, returned to the Electronic Body Music Scene after a 5 year long break in 2019. After releasing 4 stand alone singles under the working name "Under construction", Emmon is now back to reclaim her throne with brand new album "RECON". Dropping it's first single 'Prurebloods' in June, featuring post punk icon Emanuel Åström from Agent Side Grinder, Emmon is now preparing for her second single 'Machines' to be released in September 2022. She tells us; “The song Machines is a simple declaration of my constant love for the electronic music scene. About how much I love to be inspired and create music with different software and hardware synths, program midi and trigger different effects. This wonderful nerdism puts me in a state of mind that in the longer run creates both a mental and a physical addiction and a really strong attraction.”
'Machines' is an EBM-track packed with thundering basslines and gritty synths, all coming together seamlessly to Emma's characteristically smooth soprano vocals. The industrial-club romantic vibe and insistent pumping beat of the new track is made totally at home in a music video created by Carl Stenlöv (from the film collective SMACK), with it's alternating vigorous and cool calibre. Emma goes on to explain: “We actually had a completely different video idea from the beginning that went to waste. So in a couple of days I quickly came up with a new idea and borrowed a fantastically nice modular system (a type of analog synth) from "EFN - Escape from noise". Then Carl and I locked ourselves in a dark movie studio for a couple of hours, got a lot of inspiration in the heat of the moment and got loose among light effects, smoke and stroboscopes. Carl edited the video over a night and the result embraces the energy in the song in a very concrete way. If you look closely, you can also see a lot of references to "Twin Peaks" and David Lynch who is one of my biggest sources of inspiration."
Returning to the stage after a 5 year long break with several live shows planned in 2019 when the first wave of the pandemic hit, Emmon's recent gig at SUBKULT was received with great enthusiasm. Filling the dance floor to the brim with starry eyed (and black robed) synth enthusiasts, finally getting that long awaited taste of her new upcoming album RECON, her performance was reviewed and celebrated by fans and media alike. HYMN recites the show and tells it's readers that: "The new material fills the dancefloor with heavy programmed basslines and hard hitting dance beats. The EBM-transformation is a very successful move and really gets the crowd going. But we also get some electro-clash classics such as "Lips on Fire",  and many need to fight back the tears when she covers Depeche Mode's "The Sun and the Rainfall", as a homage to the recently passed Andy Fletcher. After this festival highlight, I look forward to her oncoming full-length RECON even more."
New single "Machines" by EMMON is released on all major platforms via Icons Creating Evil Art on September 9th 2022.