· By Mattias Forsgren

Sweden's Electro Clash-queen EMMON celebrates her success with a new remixed version of the hit-album 'RECON'

EMMON (aka Emma Nylén) lates album 'RECON' has been hailed with glowing reviews and nominations for best album by the likes of GAFFAHYMN and DN. More over the album was awarded "Synth Release of the Year" at the Manifest Gala 2023, won the acclaimed "Release of the Year" by the highly appraised Synthsläggan Awards and the GAFFA Award for "Electro of the Year". Now, Sweden's own Electro Clash queen prepares to drop a remixed version of the celebrated album dubbed 'RECOMIXED', including a series of remix-singles of some of the originals most streamed tracks. First up is ‘Machines’, EMMONs own homage to the electronic music scene, for which she teams up with ULTRA SUNN and Tobias Bernstrup in two new pumping versions.

“As an artist and DJ, remixes lie close to my heart. To hear my own songs transformed through a creative process of other artists is comparable to opening presents on Christmas Eve as a child. A kind of magic occurs when the music is expanded in a state that is uncontrollable to me.” // EMMON

After their success with "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" in 2020, Brussels duo ULTRA SUNN has performed concerts all over Europe, South and North America, playing alongside the likes of Front 242Nitzer Ebb, DAF or A Split Second. While expressing a desire for modernity through their topics, sounds and collaborations, which includes Kontravoid, Kris Baha, Zanias, Curses, Sarin, ULTRA SUNN keeps in line with classical EBM and Belgian electronic music. EMMON gives us her thoughts of the duos Remix by stating: "Ultra Sunn has their own distinctive sound within the electro genre that marries nicely with the EMMON sound, style and persona. Their interpretation of Machines breathes sweaty and smoke-filled nightclubs in Berlin anno 2003 vs 2023.”

Contemporary musician and video artist Tobias Bernstrup has presented several notable remixes for artists such as Lebanon Hanover, She Past Away, Agent Side Grinder and Aux Animaux along his own releases. Reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Ken Lazlo, Tobias has positioned himself as one of the leading re-inventors of Italo Disco with his unique mix of Dark Italo, Synth pop and Gothic noir. His unmistakable stage persona and androgynous outfits of shiny latex and heavy make-up has attracted strong support in Mexico, Europe and USA. EMMON tell us: "I have followed the musician and performance artist Tobias Bernstrup since the beginning of the 00s and was captivated by his decadent appearance and enchanting italo-disco. His remix of Machines is a real floor filler full of energy"
Aside from the preparations for the new 'RECOMIXED' album, EMMON has also had a busy year with her live-band, playing show all over Europe. Some highlights is her sold out concert at the Modern Museum in Stockholm (SE), her support-slot for D.A.F. (Robert Görl) in Copenhagen (DK) and her upcoming performance at this summers NCN Festival in Leipzig (DE). As a well known DJ, EMMON is also making several appearances on the club-scene and has recently hosted the radio music show P3MIX on Swedish National Radio, with electronic and synth-based music.
The Ultra Sunn, and Tobias Bernstrup remixes of 'Machines' drops on the 16th of June, while the new fully remixed version of 'RECON' will be released in the autumn of 2023, including names such as Potochine, Harlem, ZackZackZack and more.
RECON highlights:
  • "Synth of the Year" - Manifest Galan (award winner)
  • "Release of the Year" - Synthsläggan (award winner)
  • "Electro of the year" - GAFFA-Priset (award winner)
  • "Best albums v.41-42" - DN
  • "Best Swedish album of the Year 2022" - HYMN (#14)
  • "Best Synth 2022" - Synth.nu (#2)
  • "30 fresh records" - Gaffa
  • "The best 10 songs synthpop songs of October" - Synthpop Fanatic (#7)
  • P3MIX host (EBM, Synth, Electro) - Sveriges Radio (host/DJ)
  • Opener for DAF (Robert Görl) in Copenhagen
  • Live at NCN Festical - Leipzig (DE)
  • Headline gig at the acclaimed Synth Club "Tech Noir"
  • Live at Bodyfest - Scandinavia's biggest EBM festival
  • Live at Subkult - Swedens biggest festivals for alternativ music genres
  • Live at last years celebrated ElectriXmas club in Malmö
  • Printed interview in Sonic Seducer (DE)
  • Printed interview in Svartpunkt
  • Printed interview in GAFFA
  • Interview in Zero Magazine
  • Glowing reviews of her live-performances in HYMN (read) & Sterioklang (read)

    More about EMMON:

    The esteemed electro/dance project EMMON saw the light of day in 2001, originally created as an art project during Emma's studies at art school while experimenting in the sound lab. With her explosive one-woman shows and engaging DJ-gigs, she quickly took her place front and centre of the electroclash genre at alternative stages in Sweden, and entered the music industry by producing highly coveted remixes of famous Swedish acts such as The KnifeMelody Club & BWO. After several years of touring as part of the popular synthband Paris, her long-awaited and intensely hyped up solo album "The Art and The Evil" was released in 2007 on Wonderland Records. Since then, EMMON has been crowned Sweden's electro queen, released 4 full-leangth albums and completed numerous tours, club and festival performances.

  • Emma and her partner Jimmy Monell (The April Tears, producer of The Sounds debut album, Rein etc) paired up in 2010, producing EMMON's latest albums together. Between 2014-2019, EMMON took a well-needed break to regain the drive and find the pleasure in creating music again. Her grand comeback, a gig with Nitzer Ebb at Slaktkyrkan in 2019, was received with great enthusiasm. Zero Magazine exclaimed; ”After 5 years of silence, Sweden's electroclash queen Emmon is back with new music”.

    When the Covid pandemic suddenly struck EMMON had a tour all planned out and was one of the last to perform live in Stockholm in March 2020 just before the world closed down. However, the pandemic gave room to continue creating and recording new songs, which took the form of a new 10-track come-back album named 'RECON' and was released on October 7th 2022 via Swedish boutique label Icons Creating Evil Art.


Beatrice Lindholm
Icons Creating Evil Art
Råsundavägen 73, Solna, Sweden