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Summer Heart celebrates ten years of dream-pop brilliance on anniversary version of single 'Kiss Me' (revisited) Release February 24 via Icons Creating Evil Art 10-year anniversary of ‘About A Feeling’ coming this summer

Ten years after the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘About A Feeling’, Swedish dream-pop pioneer Summer Heart is set to release a revisited version through Icons Creating Evil Art, subduing the soundscape of the first single off his aforementioned 2012 LP yet garnishing it with a lo-fi avant-garde resulting from a cutting-edge career spanning more than a decade. After first releasing 'A Million Times' late 2022 he now return with ‘Kiss Me’ which sounds more distilled this time around. This tribute is structured in a fundamentally different manner from the original, neither for better nor for worse. The carnival bounce and high-flying, distorted vocals of the 2012 release find themselves roped into a tighter space, almost falling into a deep house pocket where two ultra-fine layers of Summer Heart’s tenor register accompany pulsating percussion and dozing keys, effectively creating a homage that feels less like a remaster and more like a celebratory ode to the past.

Speaking on the reconceptualized track, Summer Heart had this to say: "Kiss Me is one of the last tracks I wrote for About A Feeling. At first I thought I wouldn't finish it in time for the record release, but I really liked it so I worked really hard on it trying to force it in a direction it wasn't supposed to go. When I finally gave up on it and copy pasted the chorus like ten times in a row at the end I kinda realised how the track should sound and I just remade the whole thing into what it was supposed to be. Fun fact is that there are actually a couple of different version of the original track out there with different lengths of the last chorus. This version is a tribute to the original song. Not better or worse, just something different that I like right here and right now. I hope you enjoy it too"
This commemorative release marks a decade since the unveiling of ‘About A Feeling’, Summer Heart’s breakout project and one that now sits at more than 50 million streams across all platforms. While the more refined approach on the revisited release lies a sonic grade above his old DIY doings of making dream-pop from a bedroom studio, the effort stays true to a skeletal understanding of the genre which made the LP a spearhead of its booming popularity.

Having been performing independently for over eight years, Summer Heart is now signed to the renowned Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. With an already impressive roster under their belts, the imprint is set to become a welcome home to the frontman’s breezy and lovable direction.

The anniversary version of ‘Kiss Me’ will be available across all streaming platforms on 24th February 2023 via Icons Creating Evil Art.
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