· By Mattias Forsgren

REACH sings in their mother tongue about an eternal darknes in new december release 'Eviga Natt'

Celebrating the success of their latest album ‘The Promise of a Life’ with a wildly successful tour around Europe supporting H.E.A.T., Stockholm based rock-trio REACH is back with new thrilling tales in a brand new full length album. ‘Prophecy’ is to be released in March of 2024 and after jump-starting the campaign with a healthy portion of attitude in first single ‘Mama Mama’, and a soulful rock anthem in ‘Little Dreams, the band honers the darkest part of the year with a december single in their mother tongue.
'Eviga Natt' translates to "Eternal Night" and speaks on the laments of everyday life and the dream of escaping them into a reality of your own creation. As autumn comes to Scandinavia, the sun-hours grow scares and the insistent darkness is known to have big effects on the public's overall health. So much so that the term "Winter Depression" is a common phenomenon. REACH is known to incorporate a dramatic flare into their music, both musically and in their lyrics, often taking inspiration from real life events and adding a dark, intriguing twist. 'Eviga Natt' is certainly no exception!
Crooning and melodic like a lullaby, the song lures the listener into a false sense of safety, which is greatly contradicted by the restless, all but delirious lyrics. Front singer and songwriter Ludvig Turner tells us: “Eviga Natt is a song about wanting to escape reality, with its responsibilities and commitments, into a world where you can be who ever you want, live how ever you want and rule how ever you want - with no consequences. The night stands for darkness and in "Eternal Night" that darkness symbolizes uncertainties, anxiety and fear. My character suffers from the symptoms sloth, wrath, envy and greed. The song tells a story starting in bleak resignation and ending in blunt destruction.”
In the making of upcoming album 'Prophecy', the band teamed up with music producer Christian Schneider, who made it his mission to unite the playful essence of REACH’s music with their raw talent as musicians. The trio consisting of Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson and Soufian Ma’Aoui is characterized by their mutual passion for music, their drive for experimentation and finding a very genuine joy in the process. The bond that connects them is evident in their explosive live shows, where their innate musical ability is bolstered by their unchained nature and love for improvisation.
‘Eviga Natt’ is out on December 1st via Swedish Boutique Label Icons Creating Evil Art.

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