· By Mattias Forsgren

REACH new single ‘Little Dreams’ tells an intriguing story of insomnia with a fervour reminiscent of a classic Rock ballad

Celebrating the success of their latest album ‘The Promise of a Life’ with a wildly successful tour around Europe supporting H.E.A.T., REACH is back with new thrilling tales in a brand new Rock’ n Roll album. ‘Prophecy’ is to be released early next year and after jump-starting the campaign with a healthy portion of energy and attitude in it’s first single ‘Mama Mama’, the band prepares to drop another soulful rock anthem in their next single ‘Little Dreams’.
REACH is known to incorporate a dramatic flare into their music, both musically and through their lyrics, and the new song does not disappoint! Apart from its playful melodies and powerful chorus, the track sprouts heavy riffs and some very intriguing lyrics. Front singer and songwriter Ludvig Turner tells us: “Those of you who´ve listened to Reach before know that we often have a dark theme surrounding the lyrics and the stories within our songs. This song is about a man who knows he's about to die and that falling asleep will ensure this. He struggles to stay awake. He even tries to deal with The Sandman, but fails in the end. There is rarely a happy ending to a Reach song.”
In making the upcoming album, the band teamed up with music producer Christian Schneider, who made it his mission to unite the playful essence of REACH’s music with their raw talent as musicians. The trio consisting of Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson and Soufian Ma’Aoui is characterized by their mutual passion for music, their drive for experimentation and finding a very genuine joy in the process. The bond that connects them is evident in their explosive live shows, where their innate musical ability is bolstered by their unchained nature and love for improvisation.
After the extensive tour around Europe alongside H.E.A.T, Turner tells us: "We´re overwhelmed by the support and reactions from the tour. It was our first time playing the songs of "The Promise of a Life" live and they sound even better live than on record, and they sound damn well on record. We´re thankful for our chance to go out as H.E.A.T´s support act and we´re confident that we should keep doing what we do."
While making a name for themselves around Europe, steadily growing in supporters and fans, Reach presents this next chapter of their Rock-Saga with a track that will no doubt keep their audience on their toes. ‘Little Dreams’ is out on November 10th via Swedish Boutique Label Icons Creating Evil Art.

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