· By Mattias Forsgren

Maple & Rye is back with new single “17”, a bittersweet flirt with death and the sentiment of never growing old

What do Kings of LeonSam Fender and Sharon Van Etten have in common? Apart from being top of the shelf artists, they all released a track named something along the lines of “17”. After their latest holiday release and unexpected success in New Years salute ‘NYE’ on Christmas day, Maple & Rye now joins the trend and present their new single called simply: “17”.
Indie folk quintet Maple & Rye released their hotly-anticipated, and for many years frequently requested, debut album 'For Everything' in the summer of 2020 via Icons Creating Evil Art. Later that year the band surprised their fans with a pair of Christmas releases in their cover of 'White Christmas' and the much appreciated original ‘NYE’, which climbed high on Spotifys Holiday theamed playlists. Now the band is back with another stand-alone single to be released just on the brink of summer, May 17 2023. The band tells us: “17”  is a roughly packaged flirt with death and the feeling of never growing old. We aimed to capture the feeling of forever young but also the feeling of not knowing if you’re ever going to grow old. A kind of desperation and cockyness in one; a cocktail which is not uncommon in the late teenage years.”
So, how does one go about capturing all this? Maple & Rye's method was to record in the old and rustic studios of Nacksving in Gothenburg, and let lead singer Leo’s voice crack from exhaustion before even hitting the record button. Deciding on a straight up live recording, to really try and mirror the genuine nature of the song, the band then let the creative wizard/producer Luke Smith (Depeche ModeFoals) work his magic. Known for his skill at analog mixing and producing, Luke’s touch undeniably injects yet another level of authenticity and invigoration into the new track.
The band has always had a vision of keeping their music and the experience true to its core, both for their own as well as their fans sake. Vocal harmonies and soulful melodies blend seamlessly with bombastic drums, danceable rhythms and grand choruses. The jubilant overall sentiment of the songs stand in stark contrasts to a palpable quality of brittleness and inwardness, resulting in a powerful combination that gives Maple & Rye their characteristic sound. It is music that changes from being playful to intimate in a single heartbeat.
“17” by Maple & Rye is released on May 17, via Icons Creating Evil Art.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf
Head of the Snake
Icons Creating Evil Art
Råsundavägen 73, Solna, Sweden