· By Mattias Forsgren

Izzy Von Scarecrow - Kaboom! New single released March 23 on Icons Creating Evil Art

Out of various basements, suburbs and dingy apartments worldwide Izzy Von Scarecrow has planted herself in the fields of Sweden once more, reeking of ashes, dirty rock n roll and that weird metal we couldn't get rid of in the 2010s.

Kaboom! is an energetic onslaught of ferocious Rock'n'Roll delivered with the purest of sleaze grit that Izzy has become known for. This music is not for the faint hearted.

"I got scars on my arms and I got scars on my legs. And I got scars on my hands, I think I have a new plan".

With a trans-flag flying high and blood in her black teeth Izzy spits out "KABOOM!", the brand new single from her forthcoming label debut "You Don't Know Monster" on Icons Creating Evil Art. It's loud, it's angry, you won't be allowed to ignore the call to simply survive no matter what.

"I’ll be the death of the scene, I’ll be a killing machine, I’ll be the face on the screen and everything in between"

Izzy is one of the members of the close community of friends and like-minded people around fellow ICEA signed artist CORRO, and with authentic star quality, a destructive magnetism and style-forming aesthetics, she brings Sid Vicious to mind and represents the darker, Parental Advisory part of the CORRO community. In addition to deputizing and wildly jumping into bands, Izzy has also been a member of bands such as TwitcHScream QueensSeaside YouthUndoneSgt Cyanide, CORRO and Deadlocked State. She started playing music early as a small child and joined their first band 11 years young as a way to get an outlet for their feelings and create an identity of their own.

Izzy says: “When I came home from school as a teenager, I could put a record on and everything was okay again for a while. To be able to give another poor little lost soul the same temporary sanctuary, that would be pretty cool tbh. ”

In recent years, Izzy has lived in Los Angeles and studied Audio Engineering at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, but things do not always turn out as planned and COVID put the brakes on a renewed work permit, which sent Izzy back home to Sweden again.

Izzy Von Scarecrow's 'KABOOM!' is released on March 23 via Icons Creating Evil Art.



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