· By Mattias Forsgren

Hot off the back of a collab with Maceo Plex Ishi team up with fellow Dallas based artist Electrophunk on the new Valentine's Day single Ride or Die

The Texas based phenomenon Ishi’s ability to successfully walk the line between an ambitious studio act and a multi-sensory live experience allows him to engage the audience in an uplifting celebration of life. His subtle undertones of inner exploration combine to create a concert experience that is unequivocally one-of-a-kind. Each night, Ishi intends to create an entirely unique environment of mysticism, awareness, love and acceptance. Adored by fans and critics alike, there is no denying that Ishi is an immersive experience that everyone should discover. Last year Ishi released his third album 'Sweet Gold' and now is back with new music (new album is planned for 2024). Earlier this month Ishi teamed up with his friend and worldwide club phenomenon Maceo Plex on their collab 'Moon Sky' released on Maceo's Lone Romantic label. Hot off the back of that collaboration Ishi team up with fellow Dallas based artist Electrophunck on the new Valentine's Day single Ride or Die (drop Feb 14) on Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art, and promising new remixes from the likes of Oliver Nelson and DJ Candlestick in the pipeline. 
Ishi has established himself as an outsider phenomenon in Texas with a plethora of music ranging from nu-disco through synth-pop and indie-soulpop. Contributors including Medicine Man Revival, Nia Brock, Keite Young, and Cure for Paranoia. He's received praise everywhere from Run The Trap to the Dallas Observer, and remixes fr. CAPYACKraak & SmaakYUKSEK, Glamour Hammer and Oliver Nelson etc. He's also had a lot of great sync placements, most recently in the latest season of Atlanta, and playlisting placements incl. Retrowave//Outrun (Spotify), Coffee Club (Spotify) Metropolis (Spotify) Estate Chill (Spotify), Ripple Effect: Texas (Spotify), and New in R&B (Apple Music) Nightcap (Apple Music), indie + chill (Apple Music).

Ride or Die is released February 14 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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Icons Creating Evil Art
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