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Glamour Hammer team up with Norwegian producer Tollef to remix the single 'Why Don't You Call Me!' using his unique blend of nu-disco, indie dance and house.

Tollef is an aspiring Norwegian producer and guitarist with love for funky guitar licks and lush synth chords. Having released on several prominent dance music labels, he has already established himself in the scene with a unique blend of nu-disco, indie dance and house. The synth leads typically heard in dance music are replaced by funky guitar licks that are destined to float your boat on a summer's day, and Tollef works and lives under the motto "Dance music needs more guitar". he explains the collaboration with Glamour Hammer: 
- "Why Don't You Call Me?" is really well written both lyrically and instrumentally. When I was asked to remix it, I wanted to preserve the core elements while still implement my sound. It turned out great, and I hope the fun I had when I reworked it shines through to the listener!"

Glamour Hammer is the nom de plum of Swedish-based producer, songwriter and vocalist Adam Jonsson. In the comfort of his home studio, Glamour Hammer swings back and forth between creating dance-oriented disco house and jazz-infused dream pop with a sense of escapism and tongue-in-cheek attitude while always aspiring for a sense of timelessness and analogue feel. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of genres the most influential are 1970s-80s Funk, Disco, boggie, Classic rock, Latin rhythms and Afropop. Recent singles has got support from the likes of Dancing Astronautthissongissick.com and many more, and has really started the lounge packed nu-disco world to take notice of his arrival to the party.

After the release of his 'Tropical Suite Pt.1' in the end of 2020 Glamour Hammer followed that with collabs. and remixes from the likes of French electronic disco mastermind YUKSEK and internationally acclaimed EDM-producer Oliver Nelson, who both remixed his work. The single 'Is It True' was also part of the compilation Too Slow To Disco presents: Modern Daytime Disco released by City Slang (non-exclusive license) alongside ie. Kraak & Smaak, Poolside, Prep, Yuksek, Luxxury. His music has also been much appreciated in the world of sync, where the placement of his single 'Stay with me' in the Norwegian film 'The Worst Person In The World' is the most prominent. 

'Why Don't You Call Me?' was part of his second installment on the Tropical Suite series; 'Tropical Suite Pt.2' which was released earlier this year. According to Adam 'Why Don't You Call Me?' was influenced by the likes of Lionel RichieTodd Rundgren and Funk. 

Glamour Hammer - Why Don't You Call Me? (Tollef Remix) is released October 21 via Icons Creating Evil Art
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