· By Mattias Forsgren

FIXT ENGLISH Announces CONRANK remix for latest single ‘LOST IT’ Released December 8th on Icons Creating Evil Art

Fixt English (letlive. Guitarist Jeff Sahyoun’s new project), has released a remix of debut single ‘Lost It’ by UK DJ and producer Conrank, one of bass music's most innovative voices.
The reimagined version of ‘Lost It’ adds further electronic elements to the track to drive it into euphoric, dancefloor-ready territory, with Conrank even adding his own biting verse. “Conrank took this track to a place I’d never thought of taking it,” says Jeff “Such a brilliant mind, artist and person. Not only am I thankful for the birth of this art piece, I am obsessed with it.” 
Conrank adds of the process “Remixing ‘Lost It’ was so much fun, I love the track and what Jeff is doing with Fixt English, I knew instantly how it could fit in with my style. I’m so incredibly happy with the final version, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.”
It’s been a long, hard and winding journey for Jeff Sahyoun to go from the guitarist of post-hardcore groundbreakers letlive. to the sole mastermind behind the alt-pop might of Fixt English.
With Fixt English’s debut EP ‘Erase Theory’, set for release 10 February via Swedish indie Icons Creating Evil Art, Jeff tracks that adventure, exploring the loss, betrayal, and heartbreak with frank vulnerability. Ultimately though, Fixt English is an optimistic project of perseverance.
“‘Lost It’ reflects on the dichotomy of two subcultures,” muses Jeff of the project’s debut single. “It’s about learning how to find peace and balance when feelings of entrapment to a socially dominant lifestyle take precedence over an individual’s true passion and identity. The mental game of seeking unneeded validation from a world of rejection and abandonment that somebody was once a part of. It’s about learning how to start over in a new culture that feels foreign, while still trying to navigate a past life that truly defined who you were.”

FIXT ENGLISH -'Lost It' (Conrank Remix) is released on Icons Creating Evil Art December 8th


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