· By Mattias Forsgren

CHÉ AIMEE DORVAL Announces Brand New Album ‘THE CROWNED’ Released January 20th on Icons Creating Evil Art UK

Growing up in Vancouver, Ché Aimee Dorval was raised by her mother, a plethora of hippie Aunts, punk rock Uncles and a colourful extended family.

Think Little House on the Prairie meets the Lost Boys. It was clear Ché's path was never going to be a straightforward one, but became one of constant creativity and adventure.
A strong sense of individualism instilled, Ché spent her formative years living the troubadour life playing local clubs in Vancouver, becoming embroiled in the Toronto indie music scene and touring worldwide as a solo artist and with her critically acclaimed band 'Casualties of Cool', a joint venture with prog behemoth Devin Townsend.
The nomadic lifestyle lead to her working in LA with hitmakers Greg Wells, David Foster and Kara Dioguardi; performing with Michael Bublé, Kim Churchill and Dan Mangan and releasing music with industry heavyweights Andrew Loog Oldham (Rolling Stones) and Tom Sarig (Lou Reed).
Now we see Ché at her most ambitious & gregarious. A collaboration with Juno nominated EDM duo Young Bombs, a darkly lit duet with the late Gord Downey (The Tragically Hip) and a featured performance alongside Niall Rodgers on Devin Townsend's 'Lightwork', all hailing the release of her 3rd Studio album 'The Crowned'.
The Crowned shows a side to Ché seldom seen on record before. A more confident and determined thread runs through these songs, signalling the birth of a new era for Ché. Inspired by her love of Trip Hop, Folktronica and Soul, The Crowned has Ché's signature all over it whilst reaching out into new sonic environments.
'Half of The Crowned's tracks produced by Bob Rock pre-pandemic and half of the tracks self-produced post pandemic, this album tells a story of an artist’s evolution and growth. Released on the newly formed UK arm of leading independent label Icons Creating Evil Art, Ché is set to take 2023 by storm.
You are looking at a woman who still has the same sense of individualism instilled by her family, now combined with a drive and vision that is growing increasingly rare in this day and age. An artist in the truest sense of the word, a product of passion and not curation.

Track List:

  1. The Crowned
  2. Falling Under
  3. Loveless
  4. Want That Soul
  5. Blood Red Son
  6. Sensibilities
  7. Sorta Loves Me
  8. Try
  9. Sleeping, Stoned
  10. Lionize
  11. What is Enough (Desired and Adored)
Ché Aimee Dorval - The Crowned is released worldwide on Icons Creating Evil Art (UK) January 20th 2023

Gavin Harry
Managing Director UK
Icons Creating Evil Art
Icons Music Group
4 Pound Street, Newbury